Home Security and Automation System

Home Security and Automation System

You've worked hard for what you own...Now is the time to protect it!

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Protect your home and family with our Professionally Installed Home Security System

Get 24/7 Protection. Fast Response Times. Peace of Mind. 

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Fast Emergency Response

Get Fast Emergency Response When You Need It

Your safety and security is our number 1 priority –

24/7 monitoring 365 days a year, including Nights, Weekends and Holidays.


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Home Automation

Now you can remotely control your small home appliances directly from your smartphone, tablet, or your personal desktop or laptop computer.

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Mobile Control

Control your system from work or anytime you’re away from home. Receive personalized, real-time notifications by email or text.

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Security Cameras

Monitor a live video feed even when you’re away from home. Catch trespassers on camera, see when your kids get home from school, & more.

  • Fast Response

    All our systems are monitored by Monitronics which is one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the country. They have a response time of 20 seconds or less and are “Five Diamond Certified”.

    Systems are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including all holidays).

    How it works:
    Once an alarm is triggered a live emergency operator will attempt to contact the homeowner to check on them and will remain on the line with the homeowner until the emergency response team arrives.

    If the homeowner doesn’t answer/respond within seconds, the authorities will be dispatched and they will immediately go to the homeowners property to check things out.

  • Reliability For Peace of Mind

    We hear about burglaries in the news but we never think it can happen to us. Did you know that home burglaries take place at an average rate of once per 15 seconds and that someone is home during the break in once for every three residential burglaries? It isn’t so farfetched to think that this could happen to your home and to your loved ones.

    Having a monitored home security system is your first line of defense. Our security systems are supported by Monitronics. Monitronics received the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Customer Choice Award for Excellence in Business and Customer Service.

    Monitronics helps to protect more than 1 million homes and business across the country, delivering 24/7 monitoring services. Our state of the art equipment will help keep your home and family safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. Our system also provides 24 hour monitoring for carbon monoxide, fire and medical emergencies.

  • Mobile Apps

    Stay in control of your home or business alarm system at all times

    The top rated and easy to use mobile application will put your home automation, home security and business security literally in your hands. Your mobile app will alert you anytime an event is triggered:

    • Intruder alert
    • Smoke detector notification
    • Carbon monoxide detector notification
    • Flood detection
    • capture video footage or images whenever an alert is triggered

    Dedicated Communication

    Safe, reliable and uninterrupted protection is provided through secure cellular communications. If the phone line, internet or broadband connections are down your alerts will still reach you.

    • Safe communication – dedicated alerts are not shared with phone lines, entertainment or the internet.
    • System continues to operate in the event of a power outage – Battery backup provides 24 hour protection to keep your home or business secure
    • Reliable cellular communication without the need for a landline

    Protected by Alarm.com

    A patented “crash and smash technology” ensures that your security system will continue to work even if the control panel has been damaged or if the phone line is cut.

  • Advanced Monitoring

    Advanced monitoring for your home and business with state of the art monitoring equipment by 2gig Technologies. A simple to use and easy to understand color touch screen panel makes arming and disarming the system a breeze.

    More than 1.5 Million home security and automation systems sold. The 2gig Technologies security platform is the fastest growing security system in the industry.

    Receive severe weather alerts – 1 million tornado alerts have been sent. Warnings give customers additional time to seek shelter from severe weather and storms approaching. Customers have access to police, fire department and medical help in an instant.

    The wireless system lets you arm, disarm and monitor your security system on the go from anywhere. But that’s not all… Get home automation and lower energy costs as well.

  • Easy & Convenient Home Automation

    HomeTouch Gives you control of your home and fits in with your lifestyle

    When you’re away from home, whether traveling or at work, managing your home is a touch away. The HomeTouch system by Monitronics gives you complete control of your home – Your security system, your appliances, your thermostat and even video surveillance.

    You can:

    • Arm and disarm your security system right from your smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Setup email alerts to let you know when a child comes home from school
    • Open your home to specific individuals at a specific time
    • Have full remote control of your locks, manage your lights and your thermostat

    Technology is developing quickly and has created a tremendous change in not just home and business security but also in home automation. Home and business security has transformed into more than just burglary and fire protection. The next step is the “Smart Home”, with remote home management that makes life easier.

    • Setup automatic “smart schedules” to turn on and off your lights and thermostat – save on energy costs
    • Schedule your lights to turn on at a certain time of day – this is a great option when you’re out of town.
    • Setup geo-based schedules – automatically adjust your thermostat to your desired temperature based on your proximity to home.

    Monitronics is a leader in the area of home automation and the best part is that it is an affordable solution for bringing the “smart home technology” into your home or business. You can control your entire security system from a mobile device or computer. Optional video surveillance cameras have proven to be one of the most effective deterrents against intruders. Get access to your live video feed from your homes alarm panel or remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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